Working With Us - Your Truck Accident Case

Truck accident cases often involve major injuries or death. At the law firm of Allen, Allen, Allen & Allen, our truck accident lawyers understand that the people injured in large truck accidents as well as the relatives of those killed in such accidents look to us to handle not only the legal aspects of their cases, but also to give them the guidance, comfort, support and information they need to deal with the difficult consequences they face.

More than 50 years ago, our personal injury law firm developed a methodical and disciplined approach to case management to ensure that every client’s case is properly documented and investigated. We established an in-house training program for our legal assistants and other staff members to teach them (1) how to gather and organize the medical and factual documents necessary to support a client’s case; (2) how to answer client questions; and (3) how to help clients deal with the everyday complications that arise after a serious accident.

What can you expect when you entrust your case to the truck accident attorneys at Allen and Allen?

1. Your Initial Meeting back to top

Call us for a free consultation and tell the Allen, Allen, Allen and Allen Intake team about your case so we can make an appointment to see you. At your first appointment, you will meet with one or more members of the Allen Law Firm at no cost to you. This meeting may take place in the hospital, at your home, or at a convenient Allen, Allen, Allen & Allen office.

We will listen to your account of the accident, how it happened and how you were injured. Our conversation with you is confidential so we encourage you to be open and candid. The more we know about your case the better we can serve you. Your active participation in the prosecution of your case is essential, and it will help bring your case to a successful conclusion.

If, after our meeting and discussion, you would like our law firm to handle your truck accident case, we will ask you to review and sign an agreement which authorizes us to represent you. The agreement will describe our fee structure and explain how we may advance litigation costs on your behalf with the understanding you will reimburse them at the conclusion of the case. We work on a contingency fee basis which means you do not owe us a legal fee unless you make a recovery in your case.

2. Your Personal Injury Case Team back to top

We use a team approach to manage our cases . Attorneys, claims consultants, administrative and litigation legal assistants, investigators and other staff members work together to prepare your case for settlement or trial.

In addition to your truck accident attorney, you will be assigned a legal assistant who will begin the process of gathering insurance information and medical documents to support your claim. Your attorney will answer your questions about practical things like your doctors’ appointments, medical bills, insurance, and lost wages. Your attorney will also explain your legal alternatives and focus on what should be done to bring your case to a successful conclusion.

The Allen Law Firm is large enough to deliver the quality legal services you need but small enough to give you the individual attention your truck accident case deserves. Unlike smaller law firms, we have in house resources to commit to your case, resources like accident investigators, legal researchers, and nurses specially trained to review medical charts.

3. Your Personal Injury Claim Investigation back to top

Large truck and tractor trailer accident cases require special handling with respect to investigation and preservation of evidence. We employ our own team of trained truck accident investigators, many who are former State Troopers, to undertake a preliminary accident investigation which will help us understand how your accident happened. They will interview the law enforcement officers who investigated your accident as well as any crash team members who performed an accident reconstruction. They will also locate and talk to eye witnesses, take scene and vehicle photographs, and obtain copies of official accident reports and photographs taken by police officers or state troopers.

Sometimes more information is needed. If so, your Allen, Allen, Allen & Allen attorney may engage an expert on your behalf, an accident reconstructionist, a mechanical engineer, or a trucking industry specialist who can study the photographs, visit the accident scene, look at the vehicles, examine the physical evidence and give your semi truck attorney the expert advice and opinions he or she needs to build a successful case.

4. Your Personal Injury Medical Treatment back to top

With your help, our legal team will collect information about your medical history and your current medical care and treatment. Obtaining a complete set of your past and present medical history and records is essential to the prosecution of your case. For this reason, it is important that you provide us with the names of all health care providers who have treated you in the past as well as those who are treating you now. This includes hospitals and other medical institutions. Your truck accident lawyer will ask you for:

  • A detailed and complete description of your injuries
  • The names of the health care providers who are treating you and the places where you are receiving treatment
  • Information regarding prior injuries and medical conditions which may be similar to those you suffered in your accident
  • Information about previous accidents, illnesses, or current medical conditions even though they may be unrelated to your case

You will provide us written authorization to obtain the following documents from your health care providers:

  • Medical records and reports
  • Hospital records
  • Medical bills

We can move your case along more quickly and smoothly if you do the following:

  • Keep all appointments with your health care providers as scheduled; inform us when you reschedule appointments.
  • Describe to your doctor(s) in detail where you hurt and how your injuries affect your activities of daily living including your ability to work.
  • Continue to see your doctor(s) on the schedule he prescribes until he releases you from his care; upon release call your legal assistant immediately.
  • Give complete health insurance information to all health care providers and follow up with them on a regular basis to make sure your health insurer is paying your medical bills as required under your insurance contract.
  • Keep all doctor’s bills, prescription receipts, and other accident-related expense records and send them to us promptly.

If there is medical expense coverage available to you through your own or someone else’s motor vehicle insurance company, we will handle your medical expense claim without charging you a legal fee.

5. Your Settlement Negotiations back to top

After you have reached maximum medical improvement and your doctor(s) has released you, your semi truck accident attorney will ordinarily engage in settlement negotiations with the insurance carrier(s) before we file suit.

We provide the following information and documents for inclusion in the submittal package we send the insurance company: all your medical records, bills, and wage loss information. In addition, we may include photographs of your injuries and the accident scene along with medical reports from your physicians outlining your future medical needs and permanent disabilities. If we have retained special experts in your case like economists, life care planners, accident reconstructionists, and engineers, for example, we may also enclose their reports.

Once representatives of the insurance company have reviewed the submittal package, they will generally enter into settlement negotiations with our truck accident attorneys. We will keep you informed as this process proceeds, and we will keep you apprised of insurance company settlement offers. If settlement negotiations break down, we move to the next step, filing a lawsuit.

6. Your Lawsuit back to top

If the insurance company makes no offer or an unreasonable offer, your semi truck accident lawyer will sit down with you and explain your alternatives which may include arbitration, mediation, or trial.

Arbitration is an out-of-court procedure developed to resolve disputes through the use of impartial third parties, called arbitrators. An arbitrator will review the documentary evidence submitted by both parties and may hear live testimony from witnesses before rendering a decision in the case, much as a judge would. Many arbitrators are retired judges. The procedures and rules of evidence used in arbitration are not as formal as those used in court proceedings. This may lead to a faster, less expensive resolution of your case.

Mediation is another out-of-court dispute resolution alternative designed to help opposing parties resolve their legal disputes. During mediation, a neutral third party serves as a facilitator who meets with the parties both together and separately to try to work out a settlement agreement acceptable to all parties.

Trial by jury may be your best or only way to obtain fair compensation in your case. Your Allen, Allen, Allen & Allen attorney will explain the litigation process and work with you every step of the way to the courtroom.

Our semi truck accident lawyers, investigators and legal staff are ready to assist you. Call Allen, Allen, Allen & Allen today for a free consultation at 866-388-6408.