Truck Accidents Due to Inadequate Training, Negligent Hiring or the Retention of Unsuitable Truck Drivers

When they are careless or in a hurry to fill vacant truck driver positions, trucking companies may hire truckers with poor safety records. These truckers are likely to persist in their unsafe conduct.

Trucking companies may also hire and put on the road drivers who are not adequately trained to operate big commercial vehicles. Operating an 18 wheeler is not like driving a mid sized car. A large truck operator needs substantial training and experience to drive his rig safely. By putting an inexperienced, inadequately trained truck driver on the road, a trucking company increases the risk that one of its trucks will be involved in a serious accident. If the company had performed due diligence in the background check of its newly hired driver and/or had ensured the driver was adequately trained to operate a large commercial truck , then the accident would not have happened.

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