Truck Accidents Resulting from Faulty Truck Inspection, Maintenance and Repair

Commercial interstate and intrastate truck operators drive tens of thousands of miles every year. As a result, their trucks require rigorous and frequent inspection, repair, and maintenance.

It doesn’t take long for a truck’s braking system to show wear, for wheel bearings to require lubrication, or lights to be covered with dirt or burn out. Without adequate maintenance and repair, a tractor trailer may not be able to avoid slamming into the vehicle in front of it, a wheel end may disengage from an axle and barrel into the side of a nearby vehicle or an approaching car may not see the truck’s tail or side lights until it’s too late.

Failure on the part of a trucking company and/or its driver to perform required and necessary maintenance of its trucking equipment can cause serious injury or death to other motorists on our highways and roads. The truck accident lawyers at Allen and Allen know the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration Regulations governing commercial truck inspection, repair and maintenance.

Trucking companies maintain records describing the inspection, repair and maintenance work performed on its trucks and the date work was done. A review of these records may reveal that required inspection or maintenance work was not done in accordance with accepted practice in the trucking industry and in accordance with the company’s own maintenance schedule. Allen and Allen attorneys know how to discover whether a negligent failure to properly inspect, maintain or repair a truck may have contributed to cause your accident and your injuries.

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