Lawyers for Truck Drivers Injured through the Negligence of Other Motorists.

Over the years, the Allen Law Firm has represented many truck drivers who have been severely injured in accidents caused by the carelessness and negligence of other motorists. Our attorneys understand that tractor trailers and other large rigs are more difficult to maneuver than smaller vehicles. Consequently, careless conduct on the part of small vehicle operators can increase the risk of an accident when a driver makes a sudden lane change immediately in front of a large truck or merges too quickly into traffic from a highway entrance ramp.

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Attorneys with the Truck Accident Litigation Experience You Need

Years of working with trucking industry experts have given the trial lawyers at Allen, Allen, Allen and Allen the background and experience necessary to evaluate the facts and merits of your case and to prosecute it successfully. Litigation involving large commercial truck accidents requires prompt investigation by professionals. Our trained, in house investigation team has years of experience documenting accident scenes and gathering evidence. When necessary, our truck driver lawyers find independent investigators and accident reconstruction experts to examine and develop the facts surrounding an accident.

When a devastating accident happens to you, you want an attorney familiar with the operation, handling, and maneuverability of large trucks on your side. No two truck accident cases turn on identical facts. However, many such accidents share common characteristics and similar fact patterns. You need the advice and counsel of the truck driver attorneys at Allen and Allen.

Working with Experts

When a large commercial truck crashes, overturns, or jackknifes, a truck driver may suffer serious and debilitating injuries. These injuries may permanently affect the truck driver’s ability to operate a large rig, thus affecting your career. After all, a person is not permitted to operate a commercial truck unless he passes a stringent physical exam and meets specific physical qualifications under state and federal regulations.

Certain disabilities involving the loss of feet, arms, hands, and/or fingers, for example, may preclude a truck driver from operating a commercial truck altogether. A truck driver who loses the ability to make a living as a commercial truck driver may face a substantial loss of earnings as well as earning capacity. Allen, Allen, Allen & Allen attorneys know how to work with economists and vocational rehabilitation experts to quantify a trucker’s present and future wage loss and to examine rehabilitation and retraining alternatives.

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