Truck Accidents Due to Driver Fatigue

An experienced truck accident lawyer at Allen, Allen, Allen & Allen knows how to gather evidence that demonstrates a truck driver’s fatigue contributed to cause your accident. Tired truck drivers are a leading cause of motor vehicle accidents. It is no secret that truck drivers spend long hours on the road. Sometimes they are paid according to the number of miles they drive. To make more money, they drive more miles. In addition, some trucking companies encourage their operators to drive as many hours as possible before taking a break. The company makes more money that way. Federal regulations do restrict hours of service, but these restrictions are minimal. The regulations permit truckers to drive their rigs for 11 consecutive hours before taking a rest break.

Studies have shown that a truck driver’s alertness and performance deteriorate substantially after 8 hours of driving. This is no surprise. The average worker in this country works only a 35 to 40 hour week. Trucking companies, however, can schedule their truck drivers to work almost twice as long in an 8 day period. These grueling hours can have a devastating effect on the safety of other motorists on the highway.

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