Commercial Truck Accident Lawyers

The attorneys at Allen, Allen, Allen & Allen have provided legal representation nationwide for persons who have been injured in commercial truck accidents for decades. We understand the struggles and challenges you face in the aftermath of a truck accident.

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How Our Commercial Truck Accident Lawyers Can Help

You need someone on your side from the very beginning

  • to protect your rights
  • to investigate and preserve critical evidence
  • to help you navigate the medical world as you undergo what may be a slow recovery
  • to give you practical advice about how to deal with everyday life in the face of serious injuries

Here at Allen & Allen, we know that facing the catastrophic results of a commercial truck accident alone can be frightening. For decades, we have been advising truck accident victims about their options. Our goal is to obtain the fair and just compensation you deserve.

Commercial Truck Accident Investigation

Commercial trucking accidents require a thorough investigation as soon as possible after the collision. Skid marks, gouge marks, and other accident debris in the roadway can disappear quickly. The commercial truck accident lawyers at Allen & Allen have an in-house team of investigators whose job it is to visit the scene of your accident to take photographs, interview witnesses, and search for physical evidence on your behalf. The sooner you engage us to represent you, the sooner we can act to preserve crucial evidence.

Expert Witnesses

Expert witnesses such as engineers, accident reconstructionists, life planners, and medical professionals are important to your case. Allen and Allen semi truck accident attorneys know the best experts in these fields to assist with the preparation of your case for trial or a successful settlement. Experienced Commercial Truck Accident Lawyers Hiring an experienced commercial truck accident attorney is crucial when you have been injured in a truck accident through no fault of your own. For example, truck drivers and trucking companies must comply with a number of federal and state laws, such as:

  • hours of service
  • licensing and driver qualifications
  • maintenance and inspection procedures
  • proper loading and tie-down requirements
  • controlled substance and alcohol use

If you have been involved in a trucking accident, including 18 wheelers, rely on the experienced lawyers at Allen and Allen. Contact us at 866-388-6408 for a free consultation.