P. Christopher Guedri - Truck Accident Attorney

Chris Guedri has the legal skills, the relentless determination, and the savvy courtroom instincts to handle major trucking litigation. He brings careful preparation, mental toughness, and creative legal thinking to the trial, mediation or arbitration of every commercial truck accident case he undertakes. Personal injury claims involving large trucks and buses often turn into complex pieces of litigation. At first, it may be difficult to identify what caused a trucking accident - equipment failure, driver fatigue , improper truck maintenance or a combination of many factors. Chris perseveres until he finds just the right experts to help him solve this riddle.

Over his thirty year legal career, Chris has mastered a rare ability to focus on the key pieces of factual and expert opinion evidence that will be most effective in convincing a jury to bring back a substantial verdict in his client’s favor. His spot on analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of an opponent’s case also allows him to develop persuasive arguments to support his client’s claim. Chris is well known as a fierce negotiator and shrewd strategist.

Recognized by his peers as a superb litigator, Chris has been listed in the book Best Lawyers in America since 1995. More recently, he was inducted into the International Academy of Trial Lawyers, an organization of attorneys who are elected to membership based on their reputation for excellence. He has been included among “Legal Elite Best Lawyers in Virginia” by Virginia Business Magazine .

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