Attorney Referrals

For over fifty years, the law firm of Allen, Allen, Allen & Allen has handled personal injury and wrongful death cases exclusively. We have an established reputation in the legal community as experienced attorneys who try cases and get excellent results. Our truck accident lawyers routinely use a variety of tools and approaches such as mediation, focus groups, sophisticated medical illustrations, and computer generated animation to enhance settlement values and jury verdicts.

If you represent someone who has sustained severe injuries in a complex trucking accident or you represent a family member or administrator of someone who has died in a trucking accident, we can help. Our firm accepts referrals from other Virginia attorneys and from lawyers outside the state. Because Virginia carries so much interstate traffic on I-95, I-85, I-81, and I-64, we have worked with many out of state lawyers whose clients have been injured in Virginia when they drive through the state en route to other destinations.

The Allen Law Firm has a variety of support staff members who enable our attorneys to provide many services smaller firms cannot offer in house. Our employees include:

  • Four full time investigators who are former state troopers trained to investigate accidents, document evidence at accident scenes, take photographs, and interview witnesses.
  • Registered Nurses who participate in working up cases involving complicated medical injuries by analyzing medical records and preparing abstracts for use by our attorneys and expert witnesses.
  • Jury panel coordinators who obtain jury panel lists from state and federal courts and research background information regarding potential jurors which allows our attorneys to make better use of their jury strikes.
  • Staff members in our Accounting Department who are trained to gather medical bill balances and lien reimbursement information from Medicare, Medicaid, and employers.

For a list of some of the commercial truck accident cases we have concluded successfully years, see our Truck Accident Results .

If you would like to associate our firm in one of your trucking cases, contact our firm president Edward Allen at 866-388-6408 or by email . We can arrange for a phone or in-office conference with one of our trucking accident attorneys.